Hey guys, how are you all today? Hope you all are fine. Well, today I am going to share with you all about my experience testing the type of my intelligence according to Multiple Intelligence Test. Hmmm, wait!! Do you guys have any idea about Multiple Intelligence Test? I guess most of you all don’t  know and let me tell you guys what is it about. Well, Multiple Intelligence Test was introduced by Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist and the John H. and Elisabeth A. Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. Multiple Intelligence Test is the test that help you to determine which intelligence are strongest for you. According to the test, I am in the category of spatial-visual intelligence.

I think it is the most accurate type of intelligence of mine due to few reasons. Well, I can understand and concentrate well when I learn something visually. For example, I easily understands the instruction that written on exam paper rather than invigilator’s instructions. Besides that, I cannot study while listening to music and I prefer a quiet place to study. I also used to do mind-maps than  writing notes page by page and use colorful highlighters to highlight the facts when memorizing.

Currently, I am a student and I apply my Intelligence in my studies. By this, I can memorise  the facts easily and it enhance my mood to study. Besides that, I used to watch videos related to my subjects and I can understand more well. So, what for you all are waiting? Try to find your intelligence by doing Multiple Intelligence Test as well and relate it to yourself to identify what is your strengths and your brain-type is. Hope you guys will do the test soon. All the best, guys!


Steps of My Life!!

First Goal ( Now Range)~~

  • Complete my Foundation In Science with pointer 3.5 and above, continues my degree in Bachelor of Pharmacy within 4 years.

Second Goal (Medium Range)~~

  • Works at Singapore, save money for future, continues my studies in Masters in Pharmacy at National University of Singapore within three years.

Third Goal (Long Range)~~

  • Buy a penthouse apartment. Travels around the world and starts my journey from Dubai, Cape Town, Las Vegas, New York, Istanbul , Venice and so on within next ten years.

The Design of My Life !!

My Goals ~~

  • To become a successful pharmacist
  • Wants to work at Singapore while doing Masters of Pharmacy at National University of Singapore and become a lecturer after my Masters
  • A well settled life :  owns an Audi car , a penthouse apartment , travel around the world with my better half

Purpose ~~

  • It is my parents wish about me to be in medical line and I choose to become a pharmacist instead of doctor or nurse, which needs a lot of contribution and  patience.
  • Since Singapore is one of the best option to earn high salary and my father’s favourite  place because of its peace environment. Furthermore, National University of Singapore is always a desire for me to enroll my further studies at there since I was small.
  • Well, everyone wishes to lead a good life of their own dreams and same goes to me. As I mentioned above, it is ‘my kind’ of well settled life. According to my life motto,” We born once,We die once… So cheerish each moment of life with your own rules”


  • study hard
  • gain experiences
  • ask suggestions and opinions from successful people

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